Meshulam Avni & Son Ltd

Manufacturer of coolant and has been supplying equipment to laboratories and research institutions for over 47 years and was founded by the late Avnei Meshulam. In 1982, the company became a limited company and is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of its services and has been certified since 1997 to the 9001-2008 ISO standard.
The company provides maintenance and calibration services for various systems by a team of skilled service engineers who have been trained in Israel and abroad with extensive knowledge in the industry, the company has two service centers / electronics and refrigeration workshops in Nesher and Beersheba.

Laboratory equipment
Meshulam Avni & Son is considered one of the most established and
,oldest companies in Israel, and is engaged in supplying, importing
marketing and manufacturing for the leading laboratories and research
institutes in Israel, along with providing ongoing maintenance
,services for their wide customer base. Itzik Avni, the owner and CEO
talks about his work at the pioneering company that his father founded
.and where he has worked continuously since 1976

What types of labs do you usually work with?
Our company has been providing essential products and services for
decades to the largest companies and organizations in Israel. Our
customers include the pharmaceutical plants of Teva and Mapi Pharma
and organizations from the defense industry such as Rafael, with whom
we work on annual employment contracts, along with service and supply
,to leading laboratories , research institutes, chemical plants
colleges and universities etc. In addition, we are also proud to be an
.authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense
In this field of profession, which is so scientific, the"
professionalism of the service and the quality of the materials and
equipment are paramount. As an evidence, We have been working for
years with the National Laboratory of Physics, the only body in Israel
whose standard setting is above that of the Standards Institute. My
motto is 'service sells, not price', although our price list is
also quite attractive, and always available on our site for all to
see, which guarantees our customers full transparency as well as
.meticulous details of the materials and specifications available
Our products are divided into large systems and equipment"
specifications such as heating and cooling systems and chillers from
the company LAUDA, stirrers, ovens, centrifuges, ultrasonic cleaning
,devices, and grinding and sieving devices, from the company RETSCH
and thermometers and hydrometers as well as off-the-shelf products
,such as metal, plastic, glass, Teflon and porcelain tools, pipettes
" .rubber products and more

Which manufacturers do you usually work with?
My late father, who founded the company, took advantage of his"
knowledge of German at the time and established close personal
relationships with representatives of several major german agencies
:from the world leaders in the field, with whom we work to this day
,Lauda, a longtime manufacturer of heating and cooling systems
supplies equipment to various customers around the world, from small
laboratories to nuclear reactors, and RETSCH, a company that
manufactures and exports various types of grinding and sieving
"... equipment, etc
Apart of these, we import daily laboratory equipment from companies"
in India, France, China and the Netherlands, and hold calibration
references from the manufacturing companies. The marketing is divided
into direct and indirect imports, depending on the product type and
customer needs, all our products have full warranty for a period
between one and three years and along with the supply, we provide
calibration, installation, and routine maintenance services in annual
" .contracts or in individual service

Are there any products you make yourself?
In addition to the equipment for laboratories that we import, market"
and service, Meshulam Avni & Son is also a leading manufacturer and
supplier of coolants in Israel, and meets the stringent government
standard of the Standards Institute. We are a certified and licensed
manufacturer and supplier of coolants for various purposes, from car and
tractor radiators to large industrial cooling systems. Following our
new development in the field of coolant that is currently just before
launch, our company will soon also start exporting regularly to
".international markets

Can you give a little background on the company?
Meshulam Avni & Son is a company in Israel that is one of the oldest"
companies in the field of laboratory equipment. We have two service
centers, one in Nesher and one in Be'er Sheva, and provide service and
supply in all parts of the country. In both centers, we also operate
an electronics and coolant workshop. Our company employs professional
and experienced teams of electronics engineers, refrigeration
technicians, safety officers and more. All our technicians go out
regularly, except for the Corona crisis, to courses and professional
training abroad. All our engineers, workers and service personnel have
the appropriate qualifications. We never hire external suppliers and
subcontractors, and all service is provided solely by our experienced
.and dedicated workers
The business was originally established by my father, the late"
Meshulam Avni, in 1968, and I joined the family business in 1976 as a
young man after ten years of service in the IDF. My father worked for
the company until the age of 92, and passed away a few years
".later. Since then I'm going his way

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